Honda Activa Comfort

Honda Activa is the most sought after scooter in India on account of it comfortability. The main things which add to the comfort are tuff-up tube and CLIC mechanism. Storage space is the USP of a scooter which give upped hand to a scooter against bike. Tuff-up tubes are used in Honda's two-wheelers. The tuff-up tube reduces the chances of puncture by 70 per cent. Tuff-up tubes are double layer tubes which is having fluid in between. This fluid makes up the hole off the puncture. Honda also made maintenance easier by providing the convenient Lift Up Independent Cover (CLIC) mechanism. One can easily lift up the cover under seat and repair the malfunction.

Ample storage space is there in the Activa. One is under the seat and another is under the handlebars. A handy inner box is carved under handlebars. You can use it to put household items. An additional storage space is there under the seat. The total capacity of the space is 18 litre. You can use it for helmet, bottles, lunch box and other items.