Honda Activa India

The compact and stylish look of the scooter made it a grand success. Both men and women customers liked it very much due to its low height, ample storage space and load carrying capacity. The Honda's innovative tuff-up tube that ensure sudden loss of air pressure by sealing cuts or holes made in the tube thus reducing the need for a stepney. This was the first scooter launched in India by the company which is equipped with CLIC mechanism.


Honda Activa

Honda Activa Appearence

Honda Activa is the most sought after scooter in India. Thanks to Honda which did all to make it a family two-wheeler. Its stylish looking and comfortability is major contributors to its success. Major changes are made in the cosmetic in New Honda Activa . At front the mask is refined. It had redesigned rectangular headlamps with clear front turn indicators. The front face has stunning curves and flowing lines. Turn indicators are worth looking.

Ample storage space is there in the Honda Activa. One is under the seat and another is under the handlebars. A handy inner box is carved under handlebars. You can use it to put household items. An additional storage space is there under the seat. The total capacity of the space is 18 litre. You can use it for helmet, bottles, lunch box and other items.

This time the rear grab rail is in fibre and uplifted as against to the Honda Activa . Moreover, you can use the space between front part and seat for boxes, kids and shopping bags. The wide dashboard incorporates fuel gauge, speedometer, low fuel and low oil indicators. Honda Activa was the first scooter launched by Honda in India. It has been designed as a family two-wheeler and features higher load carrying capacity. Now, Honda India has come up with all new Honda Activa with major styling changes all around. Honda Activa gets a redesigned front and rear section. The front is dominated by curvy and aerodynamic styling with redesigned headlamps. Clear lens turn indicators dominates the rear. Honda has used impact resistant ABS plastic panels to reduce the overall weight of the two-wheeler.

Honda Activa Colours

The flagship scooter of Honda comes in various attracting hues. These are candid lucid red, geny grey metallic, black, force silver metallic, wild purple metallic and pearl sunbeam white. The body colour is painted on front fairing and body panels of the machine. Body panels are impact resistant ABS plastic panels. Rear grab rails and rear view mirrors are in different colours.

Honda Activa Acceleration

The top speed of the Honda Activa is 80 kmph. New revamped engine is there to give the scooter more power and pick-up thereby increase the acceleration.

Honda Activa Brakes

Honda Activa houses drum brakes at both end. Yes, these are conventional braking system but smart enough to give instant braking to this kind of compact machine. The diameter is 130mm for both the brakes. The new Honda Activa is incorporated with combi brakes (in deluxe version) which promises shorter braking distance. One More effective safety system is also there in the Honda Activa that is called CBS. It comes in act when rear brake is activated. In other words, it applies front braking force when rear one is activated.

Honda Activa Fuel Efficiency

This family scooter is one of the best scooter exit in India. The Honda Activa is also liked due to its fine mileage figures. The company's engineers also did a fine job to increase its mileage by 15 per cent.

It gives around 52 kmpl, as per HMSI test conditions. Nevertheless, Honda Activa owners reported it around 45 in city and around 50 kmpl on highway. Fuel filling system is remained the same that is by lifting seat. The petrol tank maximum capacity is 5.3 liters.